1. All coxswains and lightweight competitors must weigh in each day they race


2. The official weigh in periods will be as follows:


Friday: from two hours before the first race to two hours after the first race;

Saturday: two hours before the first race until two hours after the first race;

Sunday: 6:00am to 7:45am


Offical Weigh-in times will be posted at the Regatta site.


3. Athletes must weigh in as a crew and be accompanied by a coach or school official during weigh in.


4. In the case of any dispute the Chief of the scales and registrar will communicate only with the crew's coach or school official.


5. All competitors including coxswains, will weigh in wearing the same school rowing uniforms. No one will be weighed in wearing more or less clothing


6. Re-weighs will not be permitted


7. All weights for coxswains requiring extra weight will be supplied at the scales and will be the only weights recognized by the officials. A $5 fee will be assessed for each coxswain's weights and will be payable to the clerk of the scales prior to leaving the weigh in room


8. During the official weigh in periods testing of scales or checking weights will not be permitted


9. Crew changes will not be accepted in the weigh in room. Any changes must be approved by the registrar beforehand at the regatta office. If making changes, please bring your copies of the entry forms


10. The minimum weight for coxswains is 45kg for both male and female, The maximum deadweight carried will be 10kg. Official Weights of all Athletes (PDF)


11. An individuals' weight determines eligibility. There is no averaging of the athletes' weights in the weight class events.  The stated weight is the maximum an individual may weigh




1. Any crew changes must be approved with the registrar in the regatta office by

4pm the day prior to the first heat of the event  Please bring copies of all your

entries. Crew changes are not allowed in the weigh-in room. A fee of $5 will be

assessed for each name change. The fee is due when the crew change is made.


2. When you arrive to weigh in you are to report to one of the marshals at the bottom of the weigh in room stairs. Report only when all of your crew members are in attendance. If you are called and your entire crew is not present, you will not be allowed to proceed to the scales. A coach or school official must accompany each crew.


3. When you reach the scales, please line your crew up from bow to stern and have photo ID ready.


4. The first ninety minutes of Friday's and Saturday's weigh in schedule is based upon the scheduled times of the races. The weigh in 'windows' with their respective race times will be posted at the regatta site. During the weigh in window crews will be allowed to weigh in only for one race and will have priority for fifteen minutes. If your crew misses its weigh in window they will have to wait until they can be accomandated .


5. At all other times, weigh ins will occur on a first come first served basis, based upon when you reported with your crew to the marshal at the bottom of the weigh in room stairs.


6. Any verbal abuse of weigh in officials will result in disciplinary action as outlined in the Rules of Racing.

Weigh-in Rules



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